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Now that kitchens are becoming increasingly integrated into people’s living rooms, fittings have a marked effect on the kitchen’s image. Whether they are flamboyant, stylish or classic, fittings draw the eye. However, fittings are now also available that can be removed or retracted into the worktop, so that they slot unobtrusively into the kitchen.

Fittings can also be supplemented with matching dispensers. These are ideal for dispensing economical doses of hand soap or detergent.

Boiling water at the press of a button? Quooker fittings offer you just that. Save the time you spend waiting for water to boil in a kettle or on the hob. Just open the tap and fill your pot with boiling water – ecological and energy saving.


Sinks are sub-divided into two types, which are known as inset or flush-mounted sinks.

Inset sinks are fitted into the work surface from above and are often more flexible to place than flush-mounted sinks. Drip trays can be included as standard and are a practical help in the day-to-day routine.

In the case of flush-mounted sinks, the sinks themselves are fitted to the countertop from below (“undermount sinks”). This has the advantage that you can wipe dirt and liquids away into the sink more easily, as the basin and the countertop flow smoothly into each other. Because the edge of the sink is embedded into the sink rather than lying on top of the work surface, it is impossible for dirt to collect in the area around the edge.

Flexible-application drip trays can be inserted as and when necessary, then simply removed when you need more space in the sink.


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