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Demonstrable quality

In contrast to other kitchen manufacturers, Piatti only uses a steam-resistant double (or more) layer construction for the synthetic resin coating process on the wood-based material. The edge material is made of impact-resistant polypropylene. This means you have a dual guarantee that your Piatti kitchen will still look as good as when you first bought it, even after many years and heavy use.

The synthetic resin on the fronts is made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate), based on high-quality resins. This is evenly enhanced with a wood-based material and manufactured at a high pressure and a high temperature. The effect of this process is that solar radiation and moisture can not harm the kitchen. The highly stable yet flexible qualities of HPL also guarantee its resistance against damage from impact. The sealed non-porous surface stops dust from settling and is very easy to clean.

The edge material is made of polypropylene, a high-strength, tough plastic in the highest strain group used to finish the fronts. Polypropylene is an outstandingly resilient and impact-resistant material.

Dekorpapier Grafik