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AFP Kitchens

The Forster and Piatti kitchen brands have been owned by AFP Kitchens AG since 2012. With 14 subsidiaries and more than 60 specialist retail partners, this company is the largest provider of Swiss kitchens in Switzerland, bringing every dream kitchen to life – from the simple and practical to the individual and luxurious. AFP Kitchens AG employs a workforce of over 400 people. It is owned by Alno AG.

Modern kitchen centres
The new AFP Kitchen Centres are set in a stylish, tasteful ambience and offer customers the unbeatable advantage of getting to know the very different kitchen philosophies of Forster and Piatti under one roof. Following Chur, Bern, Muttenz et Bussigny the fourth double-brand studio was opened in Lucerne. More kitchen centres are now being planned.

Forster – the Swiss steel kitchen
The Forster steel kitchen’s sleek and elegant design has long since achieved cult status, inspiring those who seek something special out of life. The beauty, functionality and durability of these kitchens renders them absolutely unique. This traditional business, based in Eastern Switzerland, has refined the technology it has been employing continuously since 1874 and is the only producer of steel kitchens for the private customer in Europe. Forster was honoured with the renowned iF and red dot Product Design Awards in 2012 for its new PUR11 kitchen range.

Piatti – the most popular kitchen in Switzerland
The traditional Swiss kitchen is versatile and innovative, and it adapts individually to suit people’s personal lifestyles. Family-friendly, cheerful and lively, the Piatti kitchen is ideal for people who place a high value on Swiss Quality and state-of-the-art kitchen technology. This traditional business has been making dreams come true whilst suiting every budget since 1948, and is the most popular kitchen most in Switzerland.

AFP Kitchen Centre in Basel

The secret of Piatti’s success
As market leader, Piatti goes further, achieves more,acts faster and thinks more innovatively,making the world of kitchens a new experience, over and over again.

At Piatti, there’s something to discover
Experienced, well-trained kitchen consultants tell you what you need to consider when you design a kitchen. The latest technical tools are used to help you create and adapt a dream kitchen to suit your own individual needs. Buying a kitchen becomes an experience to enjoy.

Piatti has something to offer
Whether you’re looking for a classic white food preparation island with fine countertops or a small but colourful cooking alcove with an astonishing amount of storage space, Piatti has a dream kitchen that fits you as an individual.

Piatti is nearby
Wherever you call home, Piatti is always nearby. Choose between 14 subsidiaries and 60 specialist retail partners, spread across the whole of Switzerland.

Quality – Made in Switzerland
Piatti kitchens are as long-lasting and robust as a Swiss clock. During processing, the particle boards are coated with 2 layers of synthetic resin. As a result, no moisture can seep into the crevices and your kitchen still looks great, even after many years of intensive use.

Swiss production
Piatti’s kitchen cabinets are only produced in Switzerland. Piatti employs about 300 staff and trainees at its works and headquarters offices.

Piatti is the nation’s favourite
These figures say more than a thousand words: every year, Piatti produces over 14,000 kitchens and enough particle boards to cover 120 football pitches and 3 million metres of edging. Piatti has been the Swiss market leader since 1980. More than 98% of Piatti customers would buy another Piatti kitchen at any time.

Flexible, fast and fastidious
Piatti has one of the most modern cabinet making facilities anywhere in Europe and is able to produce 750 kitchen cabinets per day with an extremely high level of precision and quality. This makes Piatti an incomparably flexible kitchen manufacturer and enables it to deliver a kitchen within just 10 days.

Piatti’s production system is protects the environment and is sustainable
Piatti is well aware of its responsibility towards the environment and is extending its technological edge in sustainable kitchen construction on a continuous basis. Piatti only uses particle boards made of recycled materials. Piatti was the first kitchen manufacturer in Switzerland to be awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certificate. It is also a Minergie technical partner. Piatti is the first kitchen manufacturer world-wide to choose environmentally-friendly plasma technology for its edge processing system.

The secret of Piatti’s success