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Refrigeration is one of the vital functions in a kitchen, just like cooking. When you are choosing a refrigerator, you need to know the volume of food and what to cool where. Should the ice cream and frozen peas be close to hand, or will you be happy to make the trip to the basement to retrieve your deep-frozen cutlet? Do you need a fridge with a “zero degree zone”, which will keep vegetables and salad fresh and crispy for days? Whatever your needs may be, your modern fridge or freezer should not just provide optimum storage conditions for the food but also cool them as energy-efficiently as possible.
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Water means life, and just like a well in an African village, the water source in any kitchen takes on a major role. During the cooking and preparation processes, most of our time is spent in front of the sink, whether we’re rinsing salad, washing dishes or peeling potatoes. Sinks are available in countless different designs and should be matched at the design stage to our own personal cooking habits. People who use large pans and bowls will need a large sink to prevent it overflowing as they wash the dishes. We should also choose our taps to suit our own needs. High taps give more room to manoeuvre when we’re washing dirty pans. A pullout tap makes it easier to pour water into a pan, and to clean the sink.
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Fire has had a magical attraction for humans since time immemorial. In the Stone Age, fireplaces were carefully maintained and protected, and this was the era when they were first used to cook meat. The fireplaces of today … our hobs and ovens … are still vitally important to us. In contrast to the past, now we are absolutely spoiled for choice , and we have to select from a vast array of different versions. It is important for us to clarify our needs carefully before making a choice, whether we’re considering a steamer, an oven, a microwave or an induction cooker.
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Work surfaces

Just like fronts and handles, work surfaces also make their mark on the visual impression created by the kitchen. They are available in a very wide range of materials, including granite, stainless steel and artificial stone. When you choose, it is important for you to consider the specific characteristics of each different material as well as its visual effect. For example, artificial stone is easier to maintain than granite. It is certainly important to make sure that you include enough work surfaces so that you will eventually have enough room to cut, prepare, decorate and serve your dishes.
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Since the invention of the oil lamp, lighting has helped to set the aesthetic style of a room, and a well thought-through lighting concept is therefore all the more important. Light is an emotional factor, so the form of the lamp and the warmth of the light are both crucial. The effect of light makes a significant contribution to the creation of a welcoming atmosphere within a room. In the case of lighting, we differentiate between functional lighting and mood lighting.
Tips for lighting

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