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Bar unit with plinth.
A good kitchen adapts to suit the needs of the owner.

A kitchen adapts to suit the available space and fits harmoniously into its surroundings. Good kitchen design is the prerequisite for a perfect interplay of aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics.

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U-shaped kitchen
The U-shaped kitchen helps you work smoothly

Because a U-shaped kitchen keeps the distance between different operations extremely short, it helps you work ergonomically. Combined with a bar to provide a visual screen, the U-shaped kitchen fits perfectly into an open-plan living room. The raised bar means your kitchen utensils are out of sight, maintaining the clean lines.

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L-shaped kitchen
The L-shaped kitchen as a practical room divider

L-shaped kitchens offer the unbeatable advantage that they allow us to work across a corner. You can comfortably reach drawers and kitchen utensils on a rack with just a quarter turn. No other shape of kitchen keeps your workflows so short. The modern L-shaped kitchen is also very well suited to use as a room divider. The addition of matching shelving sets the scene for a fluid transition between kitchen and living areas.

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Island kitchen
An island kitchen needs plenty of space

Island kitchens need enough space to come properly into their own. We make a distinction between preparation and cooking islands. The advantage of a preparation island is that there is no need to design a cooker hood for the middle of the room. A preparation island also offers plenty of free work surfaces and additional storage space.

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Single-line galley kitchen
The uncomplicated single-line galley kitchen

Where space is limited, the single-line galley kitchen provides the perfect solution. Room-high cabinets should be included at the design stage to exploit the available space to the full. Pullout cupboards offer additional storage space. They are today’s equivalent of a larder.

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Double-line galley kitchen
The classic double-line galley kitchen

Good kitchen design is well worth having, even in the long-familiar double-line galley kitchen. The distribution of space between work surfaces and storage should be weighed up carefully, as a large expanse of work surface will always involve a loss of storage space and vice versa.

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The bar kitchen
The sociable bar kitchen.

For space reasons, the cooking island was designed with minimal depth, but supplemented with a shelving unit that serves as both a glass cabinet and a stand-up bar for your guests. This design trick divides the kitchen visually from the living room as well as providing storage space.

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