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Lend your kitchen a touch of pizazz with well-shaped handles. Like the nose on a human face, handles give your kitchen its own special character. Piatti offers you an extensive choice of elegant, striking or restrained models, as well as discreet recessed grips and ergonomic strip handles that fit harmoniously into the overall concept.

Piatti's highly varied range of handles offers the right model to suit every style and preference. The choice of material, colour and form affects the atmosphere in your kitchen and adds its own design accents.

Bar handles

Striking bar handles represent a visual highlight in any kitchen and make it possible to open wide drawers and doors without any difficulty. In your design, make sure that the handles are placed in harmony with each other to create a serene design language with clear lines.

Bar handles Piatti Kitchen

Strip handles

Piatti's strip handles feature a simple, ergonomic design. They allow even the larger drawers and heavy refrigerator doors to be opened comfortably. Strip handles are the perfect choice for people who prefer the practical.

Recessed grip

Your choice of recessed grips is a conscious decision in favour of minimalist design language and subtle elegance. By foregoing conventional handles, you achieve a restrained look that fits perfectly into the architecture of modern buildings. Recessed grips can be designed for vertical or horizontal use.

Recessed grips Piatti Kitchen


People who love design and are conscious of trends, who like things plain and elegant but don't want to do without functional convenience when it comes to opening drawers – these are the people who choose a handle-less option. Doors open and close easily, at a gentle touch, as do most pull-out units and drawers. Mechanical (Tip-On) and electronically-supported (Servo-Drive) designs are available.

No-handle Piatti Kitchen