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Piatti’s world of experience

Concepts for the home make people happy if they harmoniously reconcile architecture, colour culture and the human longing for beauty. Daring individuals use strong colours in their kitchens to make a point, while the trend-conscious design theirs tone by tone. Materials and colours lend a kitchen a singular character. Find inspiration in the rich variety of experience represented by this product range. Piatti is the premier Swiss kitchen manufacturer, basing its experience on a 65-year history of kitchen design.

Laminated synthetic resin

Primo are Piatti’s most popular fronts, with impressively harmonious colours that can be matched and combined with style. The robust double-layer synthetic resin finish is elegantly sealed by an impact-resistant, waterproof edge. The carefully-manufactured fronts are conveniently easy to clean and will continue to radiate their full beauty and intensity of colour for many years. Primo fronts are classics of the Piatti range.

Coated synthetic resin, high gloss

Star fronts are overlaid with a 1 mm thick synthetic resin panel and have a high-gloss finish. A special technique is used to join the edges seamlessly to the front, making them almost invisible. A variety of edge types, e.g. in a silvery look, or with the appearance of white or black glass, lend Star fronts an individual, elegant note. The scratch-proof, abrasion-proof surfaces are also extremely robust and easy to clean.

Star Matt
Coated synthetic resin, matt

The velvety-soft, warm structure of Star Matt radiates a strong sense of fascination and is a great fit with current trends. The sensuous touch of this premium finish produces a particularly refined effect that dovetails perfectly with elegant, contemporary concepts for the home. The plain, restrained matt lacquer fronts work perfectly in combination with other materials, such as ceramic or glass. In even the most intensive use, these refined fronts stay free of finger marks and are easy to clean.

Strada Basic
Real wood veneer

Strada fronts are veneered in real wood and are currently highly in demand in modern residential circles. These fronts are available in three different types of wood, which combine beautifully with other materials Strada is available in a variety of different versions, each of which works perfectly well with other materials. The surfaces of the fronts have several coats of lacquer, enabling them to repel water and dirt. Strada Basic is available in woodland oak, walnut and pepper-black oak.

Serena varnish
Structured varnish

Serena’s fine fronts for cupboards and drawers are available in three different designs: structured, matt or high gloss lacquer. Surfaces finished in structured lacquer appear rather more rustic, while those finished in matt lacquer feel a little softer. In contrast, the polished surface of the high gloss lacquered front feels as smooth as glass. All three finishes are of extremely high quality and are easy to clean. They can also be combined with each other; for example, a matt/gloss combination in the same colour or in different colours can be used to achieve a particular visual effect in your kitchen. The fronts are available in all the colours of NCS palette.

Serena matt
Matt varnish

Serena high gloss
High gloss varnish

Vetro matt
Matt glass

These kitchen fronts are made of glass, with a smooth surface structure and subtle colour concept that lend them a particularly elegant and refined appearance. Vetro is available in brilliantly faceted high gloss or a more reserved matt finish. The precisely machined edges on the fronts are patented and guarantee that the units will provide a longer than average service life. The robust and durable surface is exceptionally easy to maintain.

Vetro high gloss
High gloss glass

Strada Plus
Real wood veneer vintage

Strada Plus fronts have a natural vintage appearance. They look and feel highly authentic and therefore radiate comfort. Vintage is a popular element of interior design. Trend-setters combine rough-sawn fronts with cool worktops made in chrome steel to heighten the effect Strada Plus is available in natural rough-sawn oak, smoke grey oak or rustic oak.


A kitchen based around Eterno ceramic fronts is an eyecatcher in any home, whether that's in a new or old building. These striking fronts look best in combination with parquet flooring. Ceramic fronts are extremely tough and easy to clean. Eterno fronts are available in a subtle pearl grey, natural titanium grey or bold opal black.