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Exhaust air

Cooker hoods with an exhaust extraction system take steam or air directly through an exhaust hose to the outside of the building. A hole through the wall or a roof outlet is usually required for installation.

Ablufthaube von V-Zug

Air circulation

Cooker hoods with air circulation filter the steam and the air, then carry them back into the room. No additional outlets into the fresh air are required for the installation of this system.

Umlufthaube Electrolux

Built-in hoods

Built-in hoods are fitted so that they can be seen as little as possible. This built-in option is used in Piatti appliance cupboards to give more space for spice racks or other storage areas.

Built-in hoods Electrolux

Island hoods

An island hood catches the eye, so its design is important.

Island hoods Electrolux

Wall-mounted hoods

A wall-mounted hood is fitted onto the wall but it is not fully integrated, in contrast to the built-in hood. Wall-mounted hoods should be adapted to suit the body height of the cook, by adjusting the tilt angle, for example. A good view of the hob is essential.

Wandhaube Eisinger

Over-table hoods

Table-top hoods and retractable cooker hoods can be lowered into the worktop at the press of a button, and only raised when they are needed, i.e. when you are cooking.

Over-table hoods Miele


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