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Playthings for your imagination. Door and drawer fronts are the first features to catch your eye, and shape the look of your whole kitchen. Take advantage of our broad spectrum of materials and colours to give your kitchen an instantly recognis-able character. Natural wood or near-natural imitations of wood, monotones or sophisticated variations in material – our attractive selection is a real invitation for you to have some fun with different combinations and experiments. Be inspired by Piatti, the leading kitchen manufacturer, to make your kitchen a special event.


Handles are extremely useful for placing creative accents. Your choice of handle colour, shape and material can makea crucial difference to your kitchen’s look and atmosphere. Handles are available in different materials, with variousshapes and sizes, and can be fitted vertically or horizontally.

Interior fittings and accessories

We put every eff ort into making sure that you are pleased with the planning, design and creation of your kitchen, and with your choice of Piatti products. We therefore value customer advice and customer service very highly. We employ superbly qualifi ed, enthusiastic staff to look after all your interests.


Cabinets should serve your quality of life. Our whole range, in all its diversity and to its finest detail, embodies this high aspiration. Whatever your idea of a dream kitchen, our selection of high-quality cabinets fits seamlessly into your wishlist; perfectly matched to your style and design preferences; built to quality without any compromises; designed to give your living and cooking area that certain edge. Thank you for choosing Piatti, the leading kitchen manufacturer, to inspire your amazing kitchen.