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Drawer inserts

Drawer inserts are used to the sub-divide the drawers into handy compartments. We supply dividers for pans as well as plate inserts to separate different sized plates from each other. Spice inserts help to keep things tidy and provide an overview. The handy bottle holders stop bottles falling over when the drawer is opened. Special inserts to hold coffee capsules bring clarity and order.

Drawer inserts

Anti-slip mats

Special anti-slip mats help to stop plates, pans and kitchen appliances sliding about – even when the drawer is opened suddenly.

Anti-slip mats Piatti Kitchen

Cutlery drawer inserts

Cutlery drawer inserts are available in various sizes, in oak- and ash wood or white plastic. Inserts can be combined as required in larger drawers.

Cutlery drawer inserts  Piatti Kitchen


Handy holders in many different designs bring order to the home: broom holders and multi-purpose holders in cleaning cupboards; a selection ranging from clothes rails to tie holders for wall cabinets; hand towel holders or baking tray holders in base cabinets.

Bottle holder